Spring 2023- Adult Student ELA / Algebra 1 Retakes Registration Form

Spring 2023- Adult Student ELA / Algebra 1 Retakes Registration Form

This registration is for previous students of St Lucie County high schools. If you attended high school in another county, you will need to contact that county school board for information on registering with them.

Please fill out the registration below in order to sign up for one or more of the Spring 2023 Retakes - the FSA ELA Retakes, which include BOTH the Writing and Reading component and/or the FSA Algebra 1 EOC Retakes to be administered during the State's designated window in February-March 2023.

The testing will be administered at the St. Lucie Public Schools District Office (9461 Brandywine Lane, PSL 34986). You must be on time on your scheduled date and time. There will be no makeup dates, and you will not be admitted if you are late. If you are not present on time at your scheduled time, you will need to wait until the next Retakes administration in Fall 2023

You can also take the ACT or SAT to earn the concordant score for the FSA ELA (or the FCAT Reading, if you were in that cohort), and/or the FSA Algebra 1 (or the FCAT Math if you were in that cohort).  Please note: The ACT and SAT are run by those companies - you must contact them to register for them.  Please contact those organizations with questions regarding those administrations. If you have questions regarding the scores needed to earn your diploma, please contact either your last high school attended (Guidance Department) or contact Nikki Poole in the District Office.

You will be scheduled for the appropriate sessions based upon the test(s) you register for. Please note that you MUST complete all scheduled sessions in order to receive a score. Please make sure you note which test(s) you need and how many sessions you will need to be scheduled for.

  • FSA ELA Retakes:-1 Writing Session and 2 Reading Sessions - 3 total sessions over 3 days
  • FSA Algebra 1 EOC Retakes - 2 sessions over 2 days

You MUST be present for ALL sessions required for each test in order to receive a score. If you are not present for your FSA ELA Writing, you will not be permitted to take your FSA ELA Reading. (You MUST complete the Writing and the Reading to earn a score. There are no longer separate Writing and Reading scores). If you are not present for Session 1 of the FSA Algebra 1 EOC, you will not be permitted to take Session 2. There will be no makeups scheduled.

You will receive information via email as to your scheduled date and time. You will receive this information/confirmation email by February 10, 2023. This registration must be completed and returned no later than 4 pm,  February 6, 2023. No late registrations will be accepted, as we must secure testing rooms and test administrators, and upload your information into the system(s). You MUST fill out all required fields in order to be registered. If you miss the registration deadlines, we may be able to put you on a waiting list, but there is no guarantee that a seat will be available.

Important Administration Information

Students must have government issued picture ID (driver license, passport, etc.) in order to be admitted to test.
Students must be appropriately dressed in order to be admitted to testing. Please bring a jacket or sweater in case it is cold in the testing room.
Please note that you must follow all the rules for testing, which include the "No electronic devices" and "No leaving campus" policies.
Students cannot leave the testing building and return to complete their test session. Once you leave the testing building, you will not be permitted to return to the testing room that same day. No exceptions will be made. You are permitted to leave the testing room to use the restrooms, but you cannot take your cellphone or your purse, backpack, etc. with you to the restroom.
St. Lucie Schools are strict "No Smoking" zones. Students cannot smoke on the campus, and are not permitted to leave the building to smoke and return during a session.
The State has a strict electronic device policy. Students will not be permitted to have any electronic device anywhere within reach during testing. If they are found with any electronic device, whether they use it or not, their test will not be scored. Prior to testing, all students will be required to place their phones and other electronic devices in their purse or backpack or at a designated collection site during testing, but will not be able to access their purse/backpack, even during breaks, going to the restroom, etc. until they have completed testing.
Students are required to practice for any Computer Based Testing.
All students must take an FSA Practice Test for the FSA ELA Retakes and the FSA Algebra 1 EOC. These can be found on the Statewide Assessments Home Page (fsassessments.org) FSA Portal. Click on the Practice Test tab. (Check Guest User and Guest Session). Contact FSA Helpdesk at 866.815.7246 for any questions regarding the FSA Practice Tests.

Test Registration

Name (Please provide the name you used while in a St. Lucie School. It is important to provide this name. If your name changed after you left school, make sure to use the name used while in school.)

Please select the high school you last attended. If you did not attend a school in St. Lucie County, you will need to contact the district in which you attended high school to register with them.

Please choose all the tests you wish to register for.